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On the little Bastide place, twice per week, we're proposing you a mix of different latino dances, combined to fitness moves on a fast-paced soundtrack.

Keep Fit Classes 

On the beautiful beach of Moliets, two morning per week, we're offering you to work on your abs, bottom muscles, arms and legs. Best way to work out on your mermaid body, in a stunning place.



One evening and one morning per week, on the lovely bastide place, you will have the chance to challenge your coordination, and to keep fit with joy and right move, due to our Step Course. With this essential fitness course, you will learn short choregraphies on music, around and on a little fitness plastic step. We guarantee you a lot of fun !

Nordic Walk

This exercise who comes from Finland, is a simple fast walk supported by sticks. By reproducing the sliding movement , you will work out on your legs and arms! Two morning per week, with Nathalie, our fitness certified instructor, you will discover the beautiful beach and the magnificent forest of Moliets.