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and stretching

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Relaxation sessions based on deep breathing combined with meditation, yoga and soft muscular stretching.
Morning or late afternoon sessions on the beautiful beach of Moliets or in our shop, depending on the weather.
Perfect way to relax and release stress

Individual session : 45 € / 1 hour

Group session 
(min 5 people) : 10 € / 1 hour

Reflexology Massage (non theraputic)

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Soft massage by pressure points on reflex zones, with my hands and/or with a wooden thai stylus. Each reflex zones corresponds to a body part or an organ. 

Considered as chinese medicine, reflexology allows to find the tense  and dysfonctionnal part of the body, then to treat them. 

For every formula choosen, we're offering you a free shot of fresh fruit juice.

1 hour : 40 €

15 mn : 10 €

• Cranial reflexology massage

• Neck and shoulder reflexology massage 

• Lumber reflexology massage 

• Foot reflexology massage 

Ayurvedic Massage (non theraputic) 

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Deep full body massage based on ancient indian principles of Ayurveda. Very effective for tiredness, insomnia, muscular tension, poor vein circulation and depression.

100% organic oil used

1 hour : 45 €

Traditional Thaï feet massage

massage of the feet, the ankles, and knees made with hands and a traditional thai wooden stylus. This massage will bring you an incredible sensation of well-being and relaxation. After a little bath feet, a warm towel on your face, some relaxing music in your ears, settled in our cosy massage chair, with one hour of massage and a tea...the asian proverb "when we touch the feet, we touch the soul",will be fully meaningful.

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1 hour : 40 €